The winner wins a digital reflex camera.

Age limit

Photographer must be at the maximum 35 years old.


  • Black and white or colour
  • Minimum photo resolution: 1600*1200 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 4Mb
  • File format: png, jpeg, pdf, psd, eps, ps, pcd
  • Non modified
  • With a title and a description of maximum 200 words


All images must be original and must belong to the participant.

Submitted images remain property of the photographer. The author grants the MILSET and its members and partners the right of free usage of the image for promotional non-profit usage guarantying the image will be credited appropriately.

The photographer declares having the permission of all persons appearing on the image submitted.

Photographers younger than 18 years may participate only with approval of their guardian or legal tutor.

Judging and prizes

Judging will be conducted by the team in charge of the contest with the support of professional photographers and scientists.

The best photographs will be showed during the events organised by the MILSET and its affiliated organisations and within their publications.


Personal data posted upon submission will not be passed to third parties and will only be processed by the MILSET for statistical purposes. The photographer agrees that the MILSET uses his name in contest-related public communication.

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